I’m a composer, coder, sound artist and writer in no particular order. My interests have been in combining text, image and sound in audio-led interactive pieces, adaptable to a variety of performers. I have also published a great deal about sound, listening, landscape and place, and made digital fiction and ‘e-lit’. Here’s some of my more recent creative work.

  • A walk I do screenshot1– combines instrumental performance with live audio and text processing. I asked Carla Rees to send me an informal description of a favourite walk, which I used as found material.
  • Paul’s Walk IMG_0153, made in 2015, for instrument (or two instruments) and mac App (iPad or mac). The performer influences the way the visual and aural landscape emerges and recedes, and tells a story about a walk, a lake, and being in a place. Words are drawn from an informal text on a walk by Paul Roe.
  • How to play the piano (in 88 notes) piano, written and recorded for friend and fellow composer, Richard Hoadley to use in an interactive work with pianist Philip Mead.
  • Making Place makingplace, composed 2013, is for 1-2 instruments and electronics, and is also available as a fixed video realisation. It’s a poetic exploration of place, and place making, and makes use of live interactive processing of animation, text and audio.
  • Fuga Interna (begin) memory, composed in 2011, is the sixth piece in a series for piano, Fuga Interna, and the first to include a digital part, which also includes a text by myself about listening, learning to play the piano, age and memory.