I’m a composer who also writes, a writer who also creates sound arts, and a sound artist who also publishes academic work. My current interests lie mostly in combining text, image and sound in audio-led interactive pieces, and in writing about sound, listening, landscape and place. I am especially interested in ways of writing that draw attention to the relevance of sound in our lives, and how much ‘ordinary’ listening brings to our daily experience and feelings about our world. I hope you enjoy reading about and listening to my work. Do say hello on facebook (I’m not very active on Twitter…). Here’s a bit about my recent activities:

  • December 2014 – Making Place makingplace

    Another performance for Making Place at Goldsmiths College, London, December 6th, from Kate Halsall and Fumiko Miyachi.

  • November 2014 – Making Place at HCMF makingplace

    Making Place will be performed at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival this year, by Kate Halsall and Fumiko Miyachi, along with several other commissioned works. Free concert too!

  • November 2014 – Talk at Uni of Herts Window

    On November 10th I’ll be giving a talk at the University of Hertfordshire on my work with text and voice, in particular Making Place and Window.

  • November 2014 – Window app released Window

    After much wrangling with software (mainly Openframeworks and Xcode), I’m pleased to announce that Window is now available as an app for iOS and OSX.