• Here and there

    Here and there (2006) is a small piece of interactive digital writing. For several years I lived on an island. Like the moths, we relied on moon and stars for nocturnal navigation. For a period, life was very different.

  • How to play the piano (in 88 notes)

    I wrote and recorded the text for friend and fellow composer, Richard Hoadley to use in an interactive work with pianist Philip Mead.

  • Local Materials (there’s my stop)

    A short essay from 2008, on my interest in words and texts, and making art that incorporates them. Originally published in Playing with Words: the spoken word in artistic practice, ed Cathy Lane, CRiSAP/RGAP/Cornerhouse 2008.

  • Making Place

    Composed 2013, for 1-2 instruments and electronics, and also available as a fixed video realisation. It’s a poetic exploration of place, and place making, and makes use of live interactive processing of animation, text and audio.

  • Window (for John Cage)

    Winner of the 2012 New Media Writing Prize, this is an online and/or app-based interactive sound essay about listening and everyday experience. Turn up the sound and listen.

  • Writings on sound and art

    Academic writing, research and some other writings that are more on the academic side than the creative side … kind of. Most are about sound, listening, sounding art and music.

  • Yes, really

    Written in 2008, ‘Yes, really’ reached the finals of the New Media Writing Prize 2010. It’s an email-based fiction in which the stories of three characters arrive in your inbox as a series of messages.