Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 20.26.17I am extremely bad at promoting new stuff here – please Facebook friend me, that’s where I post my news. In the mean time! – Here’s some upcoming or recent stuff with some lovely people.

  • 29 May – Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University – Carla Rees and I will perform my work A walk I do at the TENOR conference. More info here : TENOR conference, May 2016
  • 11 May, London – London premiere of A walk I do for quartertone alto flute, live text animation and live audio processing. Composed for Carla Rees, funded by Britten-Pears Foundation. At The Forge, Camden, London. More info here: A Walk I Do
  • 27 April, De Montfort University, Leicester, I’m curating a concert at De Montfort University with rarescale: flautist Carla Rees and Michael Oliva on electronics (and composer). We’ll play A walk I do, my new work for Carla and others.
  • 26 April, New School, New York. Pianist Daniel Schreiner will perform my Making Place for live instrument, live text animation and audio processing. Organised and coached by Madeleine Shapiro, with Ryan Anselmi.
  •  22 November 2015: Maja Cerar performing the violin version of Making Place at Stony Brook University, NY, with Doug Geers on electronics
  • 4 November 2015: Paul Roe performing Paul’s Walk in Dublin, with recorder player, Laouise O’Brien. More info here.


October 2015 – new work for Carla Rees

I’m delighted to be composing a work for Carla Rees, for alto quartertone flute, animated text and interactive audio, for performance May 2015, The Forge, London.

Carla Rees

Carla Rees is an alto and bass flute specialist, based in London. She is the artistic director of rarescale, an ensemble which exists to promote the alto flute and its repertoire. She plays Kingma System quarter tone instruments and works frequently in collaboration with composers to develop new repertoire and techniques. More information.

December 2014 – Making Place

Another performance for Making Place at Goldsmiths College, London, December 6th, from Kate Halsall and Fumiko Miyachi.

More details here.

Making Place - Royal Dockyard Church, Chatham, 2013.

Making Place is an interactive work, made originally for Kate Halsall, and commissioned by her with funds from the Britten-Pears Foundation and the Arts Council. It’s a poetic exploration of place, and of place making, for one or two performers and live interactive processing of animation, text and audio, and can be performed by any instrument capable of realizing a version of the semi-improvisatory score. It uses Processing and Puredata software.

November 2014 – Window app released

After much wrangling with software (mainly Openframeworks and Xcode), I’m pleased to announce that Window is now available as an app for iOS and OSX. Check it out!

E-01Window is an interactive sound essay originally made in javascript and html5, but now also available as an app, which I made in memory of John Cage and in celebration of ordinary listening. It won the 2012 New Media Writing Prize sponsored by if:book. Leonardo Flores has since written this perceptive (and poetic) review.