Sonic and music works that involve interaction — sounds, images and/or texts changing in response to the performer’s interaction, and also in relation to each other. Also┬áinteractive text works, what’s sometimes called e-literature or digital writing, where the reader interacts with the text or sounds, online.

  • A walk I do screenshot1– combines instrumental performance with live audio and text processing. I asked Carla Rees to send me an informal description of a favourite walk, which I used as found material.
  • Paul’s Walk IMG_0153, made in 2015, for instrument (or two instruments) and mac App (iPad or mac). The performer influences the way the visual and aural landscape emerges and recedes, and tells a story about a walk, a lake, and being in a place. Words are drawn from an informal text on a walk by Paul Roe.
  • Bees and broom bees-300x205 – For a few years we lived on Pender Island, off the coast of British Columbia. Yellow broom, and invasive plant, was everywhere, and regarded by many as an unwanted, destructive presence. But not by all …
  • Here and there hereandthere Here and there (2006) is a small piece of interactive digital writing. For several years I lived on an island. Like the moths, we relied on moon and stars for nocturnal navigation. For a period, life was very different.
  • Island Windrose windrose – This flash-based interactive text-based piece, made in 2006, is a small allegory about life, death, and precarious conditions. Turn up the sound, click start, investigate the island.
  • Making Place makingplace, composed 2013, is for 1-2 instruments and electronics, and is also available as a fixed video realisation. It’s a poetic exploration of place, and place making, and makes use of live interactive processing of animation, text and audio.
  • Window (for John Cage) Window winner of the 2012 New Media Writing Prize, is an online and/or app-based interactive sound essay about listening and everyday experience. Turn up the sound and listen.