Work list


  • <new work> in progress – for Madeleine Shapiro, ‘cello. Interactive text and audio processing.
  • A walk I do, 2016, written for Carla Rees, Kingma system alto flute, and interactive electornics – visual text animation and audio (mac osx app). Can easily be adapted/arranged for other pitched instruments – best woodwind or strings. First performance The Forge, London, May 2016; of final version, Anglia Ruskin University, May 2016. Supported by the Britten Pears Foundation.
  • Paul’s Walk, 2015, written for Paul Roe, clarinet, and interactive electronics – visual text animation and audio (mac/ipad + instrument(s)). For any solo or duo with similar range to Bflat clarinet. First performance, RHA gallery, Dublin, April 2015.
  • How to play the piano (in 88 notes), text and voice recording for work by RIchard Hoadley, first performance De Montfort University, Feb 2015.
  • Making Place, 2013, for one or two pianos or other instruments, live visual and audio processing), commissioned by Kate Halsall with support from the Arts Council of England and Britten-Pears Foundation. Performances include International Computer Music Conference, Belfast Sonorities and IMATRONIC festival, ZKM Karlsruhe. String version (cello and violin), premier NYCEMF, June 2015.
  • Window, 2012, rev 2014, online interactive sound essay ( – recently revised as an iOS and OSX app. Winner, New Media Writing Prize 2012.
  • Fuga Interna (begin), 2012, piano with text- and piano-based soundscape. Commissioned by Xenia Pestova and Paul Clouvel (ElektraMusic). First performance Birmingham Conservatoire, October 22, 2012. Recorded on Shadow Piano (Xenia Pestova, Innova Recordings) for digital release and CD, September 2013.
  • Fuga Interna (suspend), 2011, piano solo. Commissioned by Philip Mead, first performance City University London, 2011.


  • Burwell, 2009, soundscape/field recordings. First performance Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 2009.
  • Islands of One (2007). Text-based audio work. First UK performance, EMS07 Leicester, first performance The Western Front, Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Two Thumbs Up (July 15, 1978), 2005, piano solo. First performance, Clive Williamson, Guildford International Festival, UK, 2005. Published score and CD recording, Cadenza Music.
  • Losing It, 2004, first performance, BLIM Gallery, Vancouver, 2004. BBC broadcast 2007. Selected performances: Dundalk Musica Nova festival, 2012; International Computer Music Conference 2008, Belfast; EMS 2007, Leicester. Recorded on Sound Travels festival CD, Toronto, 2005.
  • Fuga Interna (turn and run), 2003, piano solo. Commissioned by Andrew Zolinsky.
  • Fuga Interna (thirds), 2000, piano solo. Commissioned by Clive Williamson. First performance, Cutting Edge festival, The Warehouse, London, 2000. Recorded on Digital Discoveries (NMC), 2013 (Stephen Gutman).
  • Fuga Interna (ascent), 2000, piano solo. Commissioned by Philip Mead. First performance, British Music Information Centre, London, 2000. Recording forthcoming on NMC label (Stephen Gutman).
  • [b] contained, 2000, clarinet and fixed sound. Commissioned by Galway Arts Festival, Ireland. First performance, Aula Maxima Gallery, Galway, Paul Roe, clarinet, 2000; International Computer Music Conference, Havana, 2001.


  • Lardon Variation, 1999, piano solo. Commissioned by Stephen Gutman with Arts Council funding. First performance, Dartington International Summer School, 1999.
  • Fuga Interna (sequence), 1999, ensemble and tape. Commissioned by Concorde/Jane O’Leary. First performance, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, 1999.
  • Leonardo’s Lists, tape, live electronics, composed for dance/live video. Commissioned by Elektrodome and South-West Arts. First performance, The L Shed, Bristol, 1999 (live video by Brian Johnson; choreography by Emma Payne).
  • Leonardo Sketches, 1999, digital sound. First concert performance, Goldsmiths College, 2000.
  • Fuga Interna (opposed sonorities),1998, piano solo. Commissioned by Stephen Gutman with Arts Council of England funding. First performance, Purcell Room, London, 1998. Recording on Digital Discoveries, NMC label, 2012 (Stephen Gutman). Recorded on CD, Transparent things (Metier) by Philip Mead.
  • Five-minute wonders: Anything from the minibar?; Oranges and Lemons; You need a cab?; Something Quite Atrocious (all soundscape/radiophonic), 1998. Many broadcasts and performances including Kettles Yard, Cambridge, 2010; National Review of Live Arts, Glasgow, 2000. You need a cab? commissioned by Sonic Arts Network. Recording of Anything from the minibar? forthcoming on NMC label.
  • Hard Cash (and small dreams of change),1997,fixed digital sound. Composed for CD release, selected for Sonic Circuits V (American Composers’ Forum) 1998 and performed/broadcast across USA. Funded by Arts Council of England Composer’s Bursary. First London concert performance, Goethe Institut, London, 1999. Recorded on This Music is Silent Until You Listen (Discus CD).
  • Squeaky Reel, 1996, fixed digital sound. Commissioned for CD by Empreintes DIGITALes, 1996. Broadcast on radio internationally many times. Recorded on Miniatures concrètes Électro clips 2 empreintes DIGITALes IMED 9837, 1998
  • Bells and Gargoyles, 1996, fixed digital sound. First concert performance, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1998. Recorded on CD, Transparent things (Metier). Composed for CD release on This Music is Silent Until you Listen (Discus).
  • The Future, 1995, soundscape/radiophonic. Commissioned for radio by Yorkshire Arts, 1995. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 1996. Recorded on Network 2 (Discus).
  • Transparent things, 1995, piano solo. Commissioned by Stephen Gutman with a Holst Award. First performance, Sutton House, London, 1995. Recorded on CD, Transparent things (Metier) by Philip Mead.
  • Trilling Wire, 1994, clarinet and tape. First performance, Aarhus Concert Hall, Denmark, Jonathan Cooper, clarinet, 1994. Recorded on LONDON (NMC D034).
  • Icarus, 1993, four voices and tape/fixed sound. Sonic Arts Network commission. First performance, Purcell Room, London, Electric Voice, 1993; selected for ISCM World Music Days (Essen), 1995.
  • London E17, 1993, fixed digital sound. First concert performance, Huddersfield University Electric Spring festival, 1995. LONDON (NMC D034).
  • In her own time,1992, fixed digital sound. First concert performance, Princeton University, 1993. Recorded on LONDON (NMC D034).
  • Dancing Day, 1992, soprano and horn. Commissioned by Jane Manning. First performance, Princeton University, Jane Manning and Roger Montgomery, 1992.
  • Trying to translate, 1992, piano, tape and live electronics. Arts Council of England commission. First performance, ICA, London, Philip Mead and Stephen Montague, 1992. Recorded on CD, Transparent things (Metier) by Philip Mead.
  • memory places, 1991, instrumental ensemble. Finalist in Alea III International Composition Competition. First performance, Boston University, Alea III ensemble, Gunther Schuller, 1991.
  • In the stream, 1990, tape. First performance, International Computer Music Conference, Montreal, 1991. Recorded on CD, Transparent things (Metier).


  • Islanders, 1989, instrumental ensemble. First performance, Princeton University New Music Ensemble, 1990.
  • Broken Circle Dance, 1989, piano solo. First performance, West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge (UK), Philip Mead, 1989. Arts Council Dio Award.
  • High Force, 1988, piano solo. First performance, British Contemporary Piano Competition, Cambridge (UK), Stephen Neugarten, 1988. Recorded on Transparent things (Metier) by Philip Mead.