Hard Cash (and small dreams of change)

What would you do if you won a million? We’ve all played that game. Hard Cash (and small dreams of change) is an ironic elegy for the sound of hard cash, and a scherzo for our small dreams of change, merging the hard, unfinished quality of location-recorded sound – perhaps the aural equivalent of the hand-held camera- with the computer-transformed reality of filtered tones and pitches. It makes a random world that explores how things are, how things seem, and how they might be. The field recordings include ‘vox pop’ interviews on the streets of east London, a game of cards with family and friends, and recordings of seagulls, a fun-fair and amusement arcade on Brighton Pier. Throughout, the texture is woven with the sound of a spinning coin, appearing in various guises.

A full quality recording of Hard Cash (and small dreams of change) is released on Sonic Circuits V (Innova 114).