Islands of One

Sound alone, sonic fictions, 2007.

For several years I lived on a small island off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. An experience of personal illness while there was the starting point for what became ‘sonic fictions’, four short audio-texts about experience and place. The stories, like my post-recovery reflection on hallucinating wildly, became a meditation on the fragility of whatever thread it is that holds our sense of self, and reality, together.

Most of the sounds, other than my speaking voice, are recordings from my then home, Pender Island.

What is this Island?

One way or the other

Sparkling, gossamer – this was how it seemed

You think you know what you’re doing

Islands of One was made in 2007 for first performance at The Western Front, Vancouver, was selected for the Media Show of the Electronic Literature Organization in 2008 and has been presented at several concerts and galleries, as well as broadcast on BBC Radio 3.