Fuga Interna (thirds)

Solo piano, 2000.

Fuga Interna (thirds), composed in 2000 for performance by Clive Williamson at The Warehouse, London, as part of the Cutting Edge series.

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This is one of a continuing series of relatively short works for piano, started in 1997 (and very much still in progress). Each contains brief ‘quotes’ from those┬áthat preceded it, but the pieces can be performed in any order and combination, as the performer prefers. All are inspired by the pianist for whom I wrote the particular piece, and also from my experience of playing Bach’s Fugue in B minor, Book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier, a work that’s a constant companion in many of my compositional endeavours. As I play it at the piano, it offers a place to meditate on performing and listening. The way in which the pieces refer to the Bach are often quite rigorous and defined, although deliberately not audibly apparent